is a family run operation which began business 20 years ago, as a response to the lack of honest, knowledgeable representation available to emerging fine artists. Bruce Olson, President of L'idée, is a metal sculptor, wood and stone carver as well as painter ( BFA , OHIO UNIVERSITY 1977 ) who quickly became disillusioned with the level of gallery representation he found around the country. In 1978 he teamed with his mother, MaryLee, whose executive background in marketing, sales, public relations and corporate promotion, paired well with Bruce's fine art knowledge and abilities. Together they have provided an aggressive, thinking sales force for the artists they represent. It has always been our goal to explore and find alternative methods of exhibition, promotion and sale of Fine Art, to provide additional resources for the artists and purchasers without interruption or restriction of more standardized methods.

To put it simply, I represent artists the way I, as an artist, would like to be represented. Thanks for stopping by.


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