The following pages show 144 sculptures from 59 sculptors whose works have been displayed in five annual exhibitions at CYPRESS GARDENS, FLORIDA. The photos are taken of the works as they were and are displayed in the twenty-plus acre, sixty-two year old, tropical, botanical garden, which makes up just part of the two-hundred plus acre botanical theme park.

 This exhibit represents an exciting departure from the typical sculpture exhibition. Each work is situated in an exclusive environment. Normally, sculpture exhibitions are under tents placed in large fields with booth after booth of artists works side by side. This is not intended to replace that type of exhibition but rather to offer an alternative means of viewing and exhibiting art as I feel should be displayed and seen.

So, enjoy your trip through CYPRESS GARDENS', WILDLIFE SCULPTURE SERIES I, II, III,  IV & V and marvel at the talent of these sculptors and be beguiled by the beauty of this immaculately maintained landscape.

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